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Tips for using the Internet and keeping you computer safe.

I'm often ask how I use the Internet without getting a computer virus. With just a little understanding the importance of computer security and following safe Internet practices we can confidently keep our computer's safe. The great majority of computers that are compromised are not updated and the users aren't looking out for scams. Most malware depends on the Operating System and key programs being out of date. Even with a system fully up to date; if the user is tricked into downloading and running a file or opens an email attachment the system can be cracked.

Tips to keep your computer safe:

Use Firefox with ad/pop up blocker and filters
- safer than I.E.
- faster

Turn on windows firewall, use an active anti-virus

Keep your windows and all programs upto date

Backup- if the worse does happen have a upto date backup

Be careful with you email! Number one way to get infected. Use internet email over desktop client. Don't open emails for anyone you don't know and trust. Never open attachments, or click on links sent to you even from people you trust.

Protect you private information

Be careful or don't click on links on Facebook or Facebook apps.

If you didn't go looking for it, don't click it.

Read up on the latest scams, to learn what to watch for.

Use strong passwords. And different passwords for different sites.