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Top Tips Mission Statement

Hi, I'm Nathan Johnson owner of JBC, Johnson Brothers' Computing. We believe that computers are powerful tools that can help organize our life, make our life better, and our life easier as long as we know how to use them. This site is for anyone that uses computer or wants to use computers and to help you become computer power users. We service the greater Grass Valley and Marysville with on site service calls, and this site is a support site for our community and customers.

Top Tips is our way to explain simple guides and helps so you can get the most out of your computer. As we anwser our service calls we will post information to help people that have simular question and needs. Also if our community have questions we can anwers those questions here. After a short time we hope that this website and 'Top Tips' can be a resource for our comminty and customers.

Comments and question are welcome and expected. Thanks for reading.