Jobs are based on a flat-hourly-rate. We service the greater Grass Valley and Marysville area (anyplace within 40 mintues of either Grass Valley,CA or Marysville, CA) with no charge for house on site visits other then the 1 hour minimum charge. We are willing travel to visit you farther then our normal coverage area with a small travel fee based on fuel prices + distance + time. 

Current hourly rates as of May 2011:

$30 per hour for on-site / in home support. With miniuim 1 hour charge.

$20 per hour for at office labor / drop off repair.

Remote Support has a base rate of $15 per session and $20 per hour.

All times are rounded up to the nearest half hour, i.e. an 2hrs 15 mins on-site session would be charged at the flat rate of $30 for two and a half hours.

Custom System Builds Rate

10% commission on final purchase price of parts, plus office labor rate of $20/hour for build time. Standard builds usually are completed with in 2 hoursof office time.