Johnson Brothers' Computing was founded by Nathan Johnson and Isaac Johnson as a small business to assist family and friends with their computers. At the instance of the community they have opened their service to the public. The company is based on the simple idea of providing professional, effective, and fast computer assistance at an affordable price that makes sense for the job done. Nathan and Isaac have built and used computers their whole life, taken high school and college level classes on computers, networking, and computer repair. And they are experienced at building computers, maintaining computers, and training people from all levels of education to use computers and applications.

Computers and getting to most out of hardware are their central hobby, they have much practical knowledge and experience that goes far beyond simple computer know-how. They both currently help organize and run the LANFest Sacramento Event twice a year, a large 300 person computer gaming event for fun and charity, in Folsom, CA at the Intel Campus. They believe that computers are powerful tools that can help organize our life, make our life better, and our life easier as long as we know how to use them. And as long as we can get the computer help we need, when we need, at the price we can afford. Johnson Brothers' Computing is based on honesty, integrity, and customer service at all cost. Thank you for choosing us for your computer needs.

Nathan at Sacramento LANFest Fall 2011